To maximize your chances of success while managing cost, it is important to know which power test product can be used for which application and how. We collected some application notes to help you find the correct product for your application. Our staff has extensive knowledge of power applications in the application areas listed below to help you zoom in on the optimal test solutions for your specific application requirements.  Relevant links to application notes are provided.


Aerospace and Defense Compliance Testing

Avionics Compliance Test »

Pacific Power Source offers comprehensive military and commercial avionics or military ship power test compliance solutions.



IEC Compliance Test

EMC Power Line Emissions & Immunity Test Systems »

Products intended for Europe must comply with the CE marking requirements. This includes immunity of AC power irregularities commonly found on the public gird. We offer software suites that work in conjunction with our power source and grid emulator to perform these compliance tests.


Renewable Energy

Testing PV Inverters using an AZX regenerative AC Grid Simulator

Wind and Solar energy generation is a fast growing field requiring an extensive array of AC and DC power sources and/or loads.  We offer Regenerative Grid Simulators for PV inverter design and test as well as DC Loads with MPPT functions for solar panel performance testing.



Electric Mobility (EVs)

Test Equipment solutions for Electric Vehicles and EV Chargers »

Electrification of vehicles is a significant undertaking for the automotive industry requiring significant investment in R&D and production capacity. Advancement of Battery technologies is at the core of this effort but other areas like motors, power converter and charging stations all contribute to the necessary eco system need to support E-Mobility. Let us know how we can help with our wide selection of regenerative power sources and loads.



Household Appliances and Consumer Electronics

Large Scale Use of Solid State AC Power Sources for Automated Transformer Testing »

Appliances and consumer electronic products must not only meet regulatory requirements like IEC 61000-4 power line immunity, they must also operate efficiency to conserve energy and lower customers’ electric bill. This requires rigorous testing and measurement of true and apparent power as well as overall efficiency. We can provide the test equipment need to do this.




LED Loads - Testing LED Drivers »

Industrial and Residential lighting is one of the largest consumer of electrical power in the world. Great strides have been made of the past few years to convert from incandescent, fluorescent or sodium lighting to more efficient LED lighting. Much more remains to be done and PPST Solutions can provide the electronic LED loads and AC power sources that support the development and test of highly efficient LED driver power supplies.



Industry & Information Technology

IEC61000-4 AC Immunity Test Routines »

Industrial activity and factory automation is the main driver of productivity growth.  This includes factory automation and an ever-growing need for server farms to store data in the Cloud.  Efficient power supplies drive much of these and must be carefully developed and testing to ensure maximum power efficiency and reliability. Ask us how we can help with this.