Electronic Loads

EL+ Electronic LoadCinergia
6.75kW-160kW 2/4 Quadrent Power Supply Regenerative Power
GE/EL+ vAC All-in-OneCinergia
6.75kW-160kW GE&EL+ vAC, PHIL, Versions Parallel Operation
GE/EL+ vAC/DC All-TerrainCinergia
6.75kW-160kW GE&EL+ vAC/D, PHIL, AC/DC Versions Parallel Operation
Series 3AAdaptive Power Systems
AC & DC Modular Loads 300W/VA Up to 300V, DC Up to 20Aeff 40-400Hz
Series 3CAdaptive Power Systems
AC & DC Loads Up to 22,500Va Voltage Range, 350Vac/500Vdc Std or 425Vac,/600Vdc Opt Up to 112.5A 40-440Hz
Series 3DAdaptive Power Systems
AC & DC Loads Up to 5625W / 5627VA Voltage Range, 280Vac/400Vdc Up to 18.75Arms DC, 40-700Hz
Series 4Adaptive Power Systems
Modular DC Loads Up to 300W Up to 500V Up to 60A
Series 41SAdaptive Power Systems
Economy DC Loads Up to 700W 80Vdc or 500Vdc Up to 140A
Series 41TAdaptive Power Systems
Modular DC Loads Up to 1600W Turbo Up to 500Vdc Up to 160A
Series 5Adaptive Power Systems
600W, 1200W or 1800W per Chassis Up to 14,400W per Cabinet Current Ranges up to 1000 Adc
Series 5VPAdaptive Power Systems
High Power DC Loads Up to 60kW Up to 1000V Up to 1000A
Series 6RLAdaptive Power Systems
3.1kW to 1080kW Energy Recycling 4U Rack Height @ 30kW
Software LoadsAdaptive Power Systems
Software for APS Electronic Loads