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Pacific Power Source
NEW ADF Series

This new energy efficient ADF AC Power Source Series offers 15kVA/kW of power in only 4U of rack space. Excellent Value!!!

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Need test equipment right away but no capital budget available?
Let us help you find the best solution for short or long term rentals. Call our sales associates now.

Adaptive Power Systems
NEW 30kW, 2Q DC 4U DCB Series

The new 4U Rack Mount Height DCB Series offers both sourcing and sinking of DC power with energy recover to the grid.. 30,000 Watts of DC power in only 4U of rack space with voltage ranges to 2000 Vdc.

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Products for every Application

We have products and solutions for Compliance testing in Aerospace, testing PV Micro Inverters for Renewable Energies, and IEC61000-4 Immunity Test Routines for Household Appliances, Consumer Electronics and more.

GE+ Grid Emulator

This grid emulator is based on regenerative and bi-directional power hardware making it a key device for development and testing of renewable energy sources!


Featured Products

AFX SeriesPacific Power Source
6kVA - 150kVa 1 and 3 Phase 15kVA in only 4U
ADF SeriesPacific Power Source
15kVA - 90kVA 1 or 3 Phase 15kVA in only 4U
M1001 SeriesAdaptive Power Systems
Harmonics Power Anayzer Single Phase Bench top or 2U Rack
M2000 SeriesAdaptive Power Systems
Precision Power Anayzer 1 to 4 Channels Bench top or 3U Rack
CPS100 SeriesAdaptive Power Systems
600 VA/W to 5000 VA/W AC: 0 - 150 V / 0 - 300 V DC: 0 - 212 V / 0 - 424 V
GE/EL+ vAC/DC All-TerrainCinergia
6.75kW-160kW GE&EL+ vAC/D, PHIL, AC/DC Versions Parallel Operation

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