Pacific Power LMX
Pacific Power
New LMX Series Linear AC Power Sources

Pacific Power Launches new range of high performance linear AC power sources from 500VA to 30kVA.
Frequency range 15 - 5000Hz
Output voltage up to 600Vac

Pacific Power AZX
Pacific Power
AZX Series Regenerative Power Sources

Pacific Power bidirectional regenerative AC & DC Power Sources
From 50 kVA to 200 kVA.
Frequency range 15 - 1000Hz
AC Output voltage up to 440VLN / 760VLL
DC Output voltage up to ±650Vac / channel

tech support
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Our Experts are Ready to Help

Need help find the best solution for your power needs? From product selection to application and implementation, our associates can help.

Pacific Power ECTS2 Series
Pacific Power
New ECTS2 Series Harmonics & Flicker Test Systems

Pacific Power now offers a range of EMC Test systems for Power Line Emissions & Immunity compliance test.

ECTS2 Series EMC Compliance Test Systems
Equipment Rentals
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Need test equipment right away but no capital budget available?
Let us help you find the best solution for short or long term rentals. Call our sales associates now.

ADF Series
Pacific Power Source
NEW ADF Series

This new energy efficient ADF AC Power Source Series offers 15kVA/kW of power in only 4U of rack space. Excellent Value!!!

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Products for every Application

We have products and solutions for Compliance testing in Aerospace, testing PV Micro Inverters for Renewable Energies, and IEC61000-4 Immunity Test Routines for Household Appliances, Consumer Electronics and more.

Featured Products

EMCTest Systems
Harmonics & Flicker EMC Test Systems from Pacific Power Source
AFX SeriesPacific Power Source
6kVA - 180kVa 1 and 3 Phase 15kVA in only 4U
ADF SeriesPacific Power Source
15kVA - 90kVA 1 or 3 Phase 15kVA in only 4U
LMX SeriesPacific Power Source
500VA-30kVA 1 & 3 Phase 15-5000Hz
AZX SeriesPacific Power Source
Regenerative AC & DC 30kVA - 200kVa 1 and 3 Phase
1656/1657 Battery Element TesterSTS Instruments
300 to 3000 Volts Accurate to ± 2.0% Programmable test Interval
Series 3DAdaptive Power Systems
AC & DC Loads Up to 5625W / 5627VA Voltage Range, 280Vac/400Vdc Up to 18.75Arms DC, 40-700Hz


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