Zenone Elettronica

Programmable AC Current Sources and DC Power Supplies from Zenone

Founded in 1990 in Mirabella Eclano (AV), Italy by a high experienced staff in the power electronics sector, Zenone Elettronica has quickly become a leader in the development and manufacture of power electronics with a high level of technological sophistication, focusing on test equipment for measurement laboratories and production lines. Best known for its broad line of precision AC and DC current sources, Zenone has since expanded into other higher power AC and DC power source products.

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AL3000 SeriesZenone Elettronica
Fast DC Power 5KW to 500KW 10Vdc to 1200dc
AL3000R SeriesZenone Elettronica
Fast Bi-directional DC Power 5KW to 500KW 10Vdc to 1200dc
FVC SeriesZenone Elettronica
Solid-state frequency converters 5KVA to 600KVA 150Vac to 1000Vac
GI-IS2k SeriesZenone Elettronica
Pulse AC Current source 5KVA to 300KVA 900A to 40KA output frequency 40 - 200Hz
GI2k SeriesZenone Elettronica
AC Current source 600VA to 300KVA 50A to 20KA output frequency 40 - 200Hz
GIS2k SeriesZenone Elettronica
AC and DC Current source 600VA to 300KVA 40A to 10KA output frequency DC - 2000Hz