APS 4 Series Modular Electronic DC Loads up to Four Loads per Mainframe


The 4 Series modular DC loads allow multi-channel DC load systems to be configured with ease.


Available load modules range from single channel and dual channel to application specific LED simulator modules. Mainframes in the 4 Series can accommodate 1, 2 or 4 modules with a maximum 1200W of DC load capability and up to 8 loads per mainframe. The newest 41T model loads support TURBO mode which allows short term overload testing up to 3x times the rated current or power of the load.


NEW: Quick Charger Test Option for 4 Series DC Loads. This optional fast charger test option supports testing of several fast charging protocols for mobile devices. See Models and Features tabs for details.


Single Channel Load Modules

ModelMax. Power (W)Max. Voltage (V)Max. Current (A)Manual
41L06301506030⇒ Manual
41L06603006060⇒ Manual
41L251230025012⇒ Manual
41L501230050012⇒ Manual
41L0615756015⇒ Manual

Dual Channel Load Modules

ModelMax. Power (W)Max. Voltage (V)Max. Current (A)Manual
42L0860250/5080/8060/6⇒ Manual
42L0824120/12080/8024/24⇒ Manual
42L080340/4080/803/3⇒ Manual

LED Load Simulation Modules

ModelMax. Power (W)Max. Voltage (V)Max. Current (A)Manual
41D302430030024⇒ Manual
41D501230050012⇒ Manual
41D502430050024⇒ Manual
42D5006150/150500/5006.0/6.0⇒ Manual


MainframeNo. Slotsmax. PowerDimensions (WxHxD)WeightManual
44M011300W160x177x452mm5.5kg⇒ Manual
44M022600W269x177x452mm7.5kg⇒ Manual
44M0441200W440x177x445mm9.3kg⇒ Manual