Pacific Power Source EPTS Series

EPTS Series Voltage Dips, Interruptions and Variations Test Option.

Note: Available in Europe and Asia.  North America availability planned for 2025.

The Pacific Power Source EMC Compliance Test Systems can be equipped with an optional Electronic Power Transfer Switch (EPTS) for IEC 61000-4 AC voltage dips, interruptions and variations module. EPTS modules support testing to IEC61000-4-11, IEC61000-4-27 and IEC61000-4-34 up to the maximum required current of 100Arms per phase.

This series consists of several models to accommodate both single and three phase compliance testing at a wide range of power levels. All EPTS systems use the same IEC 61000-4 Voltage Dips Immunity test GUI software.

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Electronic Power Transfer Switch Options

ModelRated Current MaxOutput Form
EPTS-16A-316A / Phase
EPTS-32A-332A / Phase
EPTS-75A-375A / Phase
EPTS-100A-3100A / Phase