PPS ADF Series Programmable AC Power Source 15kVA to 180kVA

AC Test Power Re-imagined

The ADF Series is a family of high power, single or three phase, AC Power Sources. Available models ranging from 15 kVA to 90 kVA. Using a modern user interface for ease of use, the ADF Series is cost effective and fully programmable for many frequency conversion test applications.

Standard output frequency range is from 45 Hz to 500 Hz, covering all commercial and industrial power frequencies as well as typical 400 Hz avionics testing. The available F option offers frequency range extension down to 15 Hz for railway applications and up to 800 Hz for wild frequency avionics applications.  For DC test applications, DC output mode can be added as an option (option D)

Looking for a power source that also supports AC+DC output, arbitrary waveforms and extensive transient programming?  Check out the AFX Series, also from Pacific Power Source.

Model Comparison

ModelPhase ModeRated Power* (AC/DC)Voltage RangeMax, AC/DC Current (3 & 2 Phase Mode)Max, AC/DC Current (1 Phase Mode)Form Factor
1150ADF115 kVA0-300 Vacn/a125Arms4U Chassis
1300ADF130 kVA0-300 Vacn/a250Arms18U Cabinet
1450ADF145 kVA0-300 Vacn/a375Arms18U Cabinet
3150ADF2 & 315 kVA0-300 Vac41.7Armsn/a4U Chassis
3300ADF2 & 330 kVA0-300 Va83.3Arms n/a18U Cabinet
3450ADF2 & 345 kVA0-300 Va125Armsn/a 18U Cabinet
3600ADF2 & 360 kVA0-300 Va166.7Armsn/a28U Cabinet
3750ADF2 & 375 kVA0-300 Va208.3Armsn/a 28U Cabinet
3900ADF2 & 390 kVA0-300 Va250Armsn/a28U Cabinet
* Rated power shown is for Three Phase or Single Phase mode operation by model. For Split Phase mode on three phase models, rated power is 2/3.

Single Voltage Range with Constant Power Profile

Traditional AC power sources use two voltage ranges to provide either high voltage or high current. By contrast, the ADF Series uses a unique single voltage range that operates along a constant power curve. This provides more current at low voltages, eliminating the need to switch between voltage ranges and provides a much wider operating range (demonstrated as green in the figure below).


Switching voltage ranges on other AC sources causes the output to be turned off and the EUT to shut down. This makes it difficult to test universal wide input range AC products.

The blue line and green shaded area in the chart shows the additional operating range available compared to a conventional AC power source with a 150V/300V range pair.