APS 3C Series Programmable AC & DC Electronics – High Power


The 3C Series AC & DC loads comprises a range of medium to high power AC and DC capable load systems with support for up to 350Vac/500Vdc (Std) with available voltage range extension option -EV to 425Va/600Vdc. Some models offer standard 480Vac/700Vdc input voltages.


All 3C Series model loads share a common, modern user interface. Packaged in a compact 19” 4U chassis, 3C Series loads support up to 3750 VA/W per chassis. For higher power requirements, 3C Series load can be paralleled using their standard Master/Slave mode. to support power levels up to 22.5kVA/kW or 67.5kVA/kW for three phase applications. Master/Slave configurations are controlled from the master front panel or remote control interface. Rack mountable versions of the 3C with one master and two or three slaves are available as well for these power level requirements. The MODE Option allows automatic switching between 3P4W, 3P3W or 1P2W phase modes.

Model Comparison

ModelDESCRIPTIONMax Power (VA or W)Max Voltage (V)-EV Version VoltageMax Current (A)Rack Height
3C018-18AC&DC Electronic Load1875350Vac / 500Vdc 1)425Vac / 600Vdc18.754U
3C028-18-EVAC&DC Electronic Load2800n/a480Vac / 700Vdc18.754U
3C028-28AC&DC Electronic Load2800350Vac / 500Vdc 1)28.04U
3C038-28-EVAC&DC Electronic Load3750n.a480Vac / 700Vdc28.04U
3C038-38AC&DC Electronic Load3750350Vac / 500Vdc 1)425Vac / 600Vdc37.54U
Parallel Cabinets
3C056-56AC&DC Electronic Load5600350Vac / 500Vdc 1)425Vac / 600Vdc568U
3C075-75AC&DC Electronic Load7500350Vac / 500Vdc 1)425Vac / 600Vdc758U
3C112-112AC&DC Electronic Load11250350Vac / 500Vdc 1)425Vac / 600Vdc112.512U
3C150-112AC&DC Electronic Load15000350Vac / 500Vdc 1)425Vac / 600Vdc112.516U
3C188-112AC&DC Electronic Load18750350Vac / 500Vdc 1)425Vac / 600Vdc112.520U
3C225-112AC&DC Electronic Load22500350Vac / 500Vdc 1)425Vac / 600Vdc112.524U
Note 1): Extended Voltage Option -EV increases input voltage range to 425Vac/600Vdc on any 350Vac/500Vdc model. Specify -EV option when ordering.