Cinergia specializes in bi-directional regenerative AC and DC power test systems

Cinergia is the result of over 10 years of experience of our technical staff in the conception, design, manufacture and commissioning of customized power electronics solutions.

Cinergia supplies high-technology products based on an industrial hardware platform designed to work 24/7. By using application specific DSP firmware, developed by CINERGIA, our standard portfolio of products includes DC, AC and DC&AC power sink/sources. All our products are regenerative. As a result, all our products can regenerate test energy back to the grid, reducing the energy consumption and optimizing the electrical installation. This allows products that require more grid power than available at your facility to be tested at full power, using only a fraction of the required power from the grid resulting in significant energy and thus cost savings.

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B2C+ BidirectionalDC ConverterCinergia
6.75kW-160kW CV, CC, CP, CR Modes 2/4 Quadrant Configurations
EL+ Electronic LoadCinergia
6.75kW-160kW 2/4 Quadrent Power Supply Regenerative Power
GE/EL+ vAC All-in-OneCinergia
6.75kW-160kW GE&EL+ vAC, PHIL, Versions Parallel Operation
GE/EL+ vAC/DC All-TerrainCinergia
6.75kW-160kW GE&EL+ vAC/D, PHIL, AC/DC Versions Parallel Operation
GE+ Grid EmulatorCinergia
6.75kW-160kW AC, PHIL, AC/DC Versions Parallel Operation